Ten things about you, America! Pt. 2: Hate!

30 May 2010 Karina S. Henkel

iStock_000011386108XSmallDear America,

last time I told you, what I love about you. Today I tell you, what I would love to change about you!

1. I hate that you are so far away and that flying to Germany from you not only takes loooooooooong, but that it gives me hell!

2. I hate that you will seperate me from my friends and family and that you are in another time zone.

3. I hate that your food will make me fat sooner or later and that I will have to begin doing sports very soon, because of that!

4. I hate that your language sometimes gives me a hard time and will make the job hunt harder than it already is!

5. I hate that your people can't spell my name when they just hear it. I am not called Jenin, Jamie, Jennie or Jemin!

6. I hate that you gave me a chance, that I can not reject!

7. I hate that you have so nice beaches and landscapes, because I will not see much of them when I am not still coming to you for vacation.

8. I hate that you are my dream, because me moving will hurt a lot people including myself!

9. I hate that you are my biggest challenge in life so far and maybe will be the challenge of my lifetime! You are supposed to be my dream and dreams are nice!

10. I hate that I love you so much and can't resist you!