The Search Begins

5 Dec 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Andrew and I have been talking about this for a couple of years now – we want a bigger house. Other couples of our age usually downsize in this phase of their life. Their kids are all grown up and going to college and the parents don’t need five bedrooms anymore.

But we want a bigger house. Our house officially has only two bedrooms, but part of the basement is finished and used as a bedroom, too. Only because of the basement bedroom was it possible to have all his three boys over on weekends. That made five people with one bathroom. It worked out because Andrew’s boys are really easy going. And they like to stay on their own. When they were with us they usually disappeared into their bedrooms and were only seen when food was served.

Still, I want a bigger house. For quite a while Andrew and I have been checking different websites to see what is on the market. My goal is to find a bigger and nicer house for the same price as the one we have right now. This is doable because the houses in our town are a little more expensive than in other places. The elite college in our town drives the prices for houses up.

Two weeks ago I found it: my new home. It was almost perfect, and it was the first time that I liked a house that much. Andrew contacted the realtor in order to get an appointment to visit the house and had to learn that it was already under contract. What a disappointment. But that is something I probably have to get used to. I should not fall for a house until all contracts have been signed.

But nevertheless, it’s kind of getting real now. Next week the realtor will show up at our house in order to determine its market value. We also have to decide how much work and money we want to put into our house to make it more attractive for buyers. But that thought alone makes me almost stop pursuing this task because I really hate renovating. But this all will be very interesting anyway, because I never bought a house before.