There is an Easter also for me

17 Apr 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Two years ago, my first blog post was about Easter in Maine. I can’t believe that I have been writing this blog for two years now. And I still have things to talk about. I just don’t seem to run out of ideas.

I always loved Easter. In Germany, Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays. I and everybody I knew had a long weekend and it was spring. I loved Easter holidays - a weekend in spring when you could go outside and do fun stuff with your friends.

Unfortunately in the US it would be not in accordance with the strict separation of government and religion to have religious holidays. And considering that there are so many different religions in America, it would be hard to decide which religion should get public holidays. Wouldn’t it be unfair just to use Christian holidays as public holidays? I never thought about that until I had a discussion about that with Andrew.

So, since I have lived here, I have always worked through Easter while all my friends in Germany enjoyed their spring in Berlin. But this year I will have my Easter, too. There is a public holiday falling on Easter Monday (it’s called Patriot’s Day) and I will take Black Friday off. Andrew and I will travel to Montreal. We have cabin fever and desperately need to get out of our house and see something different. There is only one little thorn to bear: In Maine you have to expect snow in April.

So, although this spring feels more like a white Christmas, I will keep my Easter spirit up while we are in Montreal.