Under contract!

9 Feb 2018 Karina S. Henkel

Wow! What a ride this is! 48 hours after our house got listed on the market, we got a very good offer and accepted it. This whole experience is just so amazing. I would have never thought that this would all go so quickly or that it would be fun!

It was already so exciting when all these requests for showings came in. Our realtor told us to download an app that apparently connects all realtors in Maine with each other. Every realtor used this app to request a showing and we were able to accept the request within seconds. That was so much fun! After we accepted the buyer`s offer all new requests for showing had to be declined. I was a little sad that this was over so quickly. I had enjoyed this process so much: accepting requests, waiting for feedbacks, staging the house every morning to make it look perfect, and one time I waited in the street for the people to leave the house. Fun, fun, fun.

I also kind of like living in a half empty house. Most of our stuff and furniture is parked in a storage room for now. And it is really nice to have all this clear and clean space in the house. I wonder if I could keep some of that spaciousness in our new house.

Now we have to clear the next hurdles.

It turned out that the buyers of our house want to move in quickly. They want to close within three weeks! That means we have to move at the beginning of March. Aaaahhhhh!!!! They will send inspectors into our house to make sure that there are no severe problems and we will do the same with our new house. This will be another nerve wracking time: waiting for the results and hoping that there are no deal breakers on both ends.

And at the same time we are working on getting a loan within a very short amount of time. This is also going to become an interesting experience.

Folks, I can`t tell you how exciting all this is!