We Found It !!

31 Jan 2018 Karina S. Henkel

And now the stress begins! Last weekend we found a house that we liked sooo much. This time we were quick. We put an offer in immediately, got a counter offer, and we accepted. We are now under contract with our new house. BUT: We were able to include a contingency into this agreement. We will only buy that house if we are able to sell our old house. This contingency is great because the seller of the new house can’t accept any other offers while we are trying to sell our old home. But there is another BUT: We only have until end of February to sell our old house. If we don’t make it before then we will lose the new house.

We rented a storage room and started to bring as much furniture, boxes and stuff there as possible in this short time frame. We need to empty our house to make it look as spacious as possible. And we have to remove all personal stuff to make it look as neutral as possible. I sanded the kitchen cupboards because they desperately need a couple of new layers of paint. Tonight, I am going to paint them. The photographer will come on Thursday and shortly after that, hopefully, some people will be interested in this house and want to see it.

This is all quite stressful but also kind of fun. But I try hard not to think too much of the new house. It is beautiful and so spacious. Exactly what we were looking for. It’ll be so nice living there. We need all the luck possible to make this all work. Knowing now everything that could possibly go wrong, I wonder how houses get sold in the first place. But since this happens very frequently I hope we will be also one of the lucky ones.

Cross your fingers for us. I will keep you posted.