What an Unusual, Warm Fall

13 Nov 2017 Karina S. Henkel

Mainers hate winter but love autumn. They somehow like summer but always complain that it is too hot and humid. Yes, temperatures can climb up to 80 Fahrenheit (27 Celsius) in August but that does not happen very often. And don’t ask me about all the humidity complaints they have here. I am not able to feel it the same way the Mainers seem to feel it. They are very sensitive in this respect.

That is why September is their most preferred month. Temperatures are usually in the 60s and humidity doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.

But this fall temperatures were in the 70s in September, and in October they were still in the 60s. That is unusually mild for fall in Maine. Sometimes we experience our first snow in October. I remember when in my first year in Maine the first snow came mid-October. And that was a very mild winter but nevertheless a normal start.

But here comes another character oddity Mainers have: their weather-pessimism.

Whenever we experience a nice and sunny day, there is always at least one Mainer who says something like, “But wait until winter comes . . . “ It’s as if they don’t want to enjoy the sun too much in order not to suffer later when there are cloudy and chilly days.

So, instead of truly enjoying this beautiful fall I am surrounded by colleagues who look out of the office windows, frowning upon the glaring sun and talking about all the snow they are expecting this coming winter. In those moments, I am still having a tough time keeping my mouth shut. It upsets me that they spoil this perfect day with their visions and worries of snow and low temperatures.