Working in August

8 Aug 2017 Karina S. Henkel

People don’t get much vacation here - at least not according to my definition. But there seems to be a tendency for most people to take their meager vacation days in August and December. Right now, at work, I keep getting out-of-office-messages and my email box generally is refreshingly empty whenever I start my computer in the morning. There are only a few phone calls a day that I have to take care of. America is on vacation – hurray!

My supervisor just took four days off. Only four days, but my colleague Jenny and I enjoyed this time very much. It almost felt like vacation for us, too, because these four days were so relaxed. We could catch up on things that never seemed to be urgent enough to be dealt with but nevertheless accumulated  into a huge pile. In winter, I sometimes even have a day or two when I am totally alone in the office. I usually turn music on – really loud – and do all the boring, lingering tasks that I had neglected the months before.

The down side is that the traffic has increased considerably. Tourists are crowding the streets and my commute to work takes quite a bit longer than usual. And let’s not talk about finding a parking spot in downtown Portland. I only have the chance to find one when I get up very early and when I am willing to walk a while from my car to the office. But if I am only a little later than usual, tourists have already taken the remaining parking spots and it  not only takes me ages to find a parking spot, but it usually  also quite a hike.

August has just started, and although the parking situation sucks, I want to consciously enjoy this month’s low energy level at work.