The United States - always good for a surprise!

4 Jan 2017 The American Dream

The New Year surprises us with a whole bunch of new resolutions. But let’s face it: most of them will be forgotten by February. One thing is for sure - we will always remain fascinated with the land of freedom- America!

We are very excited for all the (American) things 2017 has in store for us. We already have some things for you to make your new year 2017 even better: 10 characteristic facts about the United States you may have never heard of before. This cultural knowledge prepares you perfectly for your Green Card year!

  1. No matter where in America you are traveling to: Although there are trains existing in the United States, they are not the most popular means of transport. Unfortunately, trains are not very reliable and also very expensive. All that remains to most Americans is their car. Therefore, you better get used to ride in a SUV as soon as possible.
  2. As a matter of fact, America is a huge country. We already pack food in form of sandwiches, sweets and a pot of coffee for a 3h trip, which is considered as a short trip to your aunt in the United States! Long distance trips by car are a common practice in the USA.
  3. Almost no one uses cash anymore. Even the smallest amount is paid with the bank card. Save the coins for your piggy bank!
  4. Don’t forget: The price on the tag is not the final price, you have to pay the taxes at the checkout too.
  5. Air Conditioning is everywhere! No matter where, in huge shopping malls up to the small shops around the corner, there is an air conditioner. So even if you go to the U.S. in summer, bring your sweater to avoid a cold.
  6. In fact “good” beer can be found in the USA! Besides famous light beers, you will find all different kinds of beer, just visit one of the many breweries which can be found everywhere.
  7. Being surrounded by a foreign language such as English will boost your language skills as well as adopting some American gestures or phrases! Isn’t that awesome?
  8. Free water to every menu at the restaurant with a steady refill. As well as toilets in every department store etc. which are feeless. Quite normal in the States.
  9. Sunday and you forgot to buy something? No problem! Some shops are open 24/7, which makes Sunday grocery shopping pretty comfortable.
  10. There is a wide variety of culinary influences. From Mexican food to the American Burger or healthy alternatives such as vegan food. You will find your personal food heaven in form of all kinds of restaurants. Enjoy! 

What are you waiting for? Stop making resolutions and take action! Make 2017 become your American Green Card year and discover the big and small surprises America has to offer. Sign up now for the DV-19 Green Card Lottery and make your very own American Dream come true.

What is fascinating you about America? Tell us in the comments below!