Visa Bulletin 04/2017

14 Mar 2017 The American Dream

New case numbers have been announced. All Green Card winners of the diversity visa program of DV-2017 should regularly check whether their interview appointment is already available. Once your appointment is set, schedule your medical exam, apply for a criminal background check and collect all further necessary documents for the interview.

Case numbers & interviews APRIL 2017 DV-2017

Africa: 34,900 (except Egypt: 21,800 Ethiopia: 24,500)

Asia: 5,500 (except Nepal: 4,575 Iran: 5,300)

Europe: 22,100

North America (Bahamas): 10

Oceania: 850

South America and the Caribbean: 900

Case numbers & interviews MAY 2017 DV-2017

Africa: Current (except Egypt: 24,500 Ethiopia: 29,100)

Asia: Current (except Nepal: 5,300 Iran: 6,300)

Europe: Current

North America (Bahamas): Current

Oceania: Current

South America and the Caribbean: Current

Furthermore, we would like to announce the following waiting periods for immigration via family or employment (extract from the official version). Further information regarding each category can be found on our website - section "Immigrant Visas".

Immigration categories for APRIL 2017

Family Sponsored Preferences

F1                                                  15OCT10

F2A                                                08JUN15

F2B                                                15SEP10

F3                                                  22MAY05

F4                                                  08MAY04

Employment-Based Preferences

1st C             

2nd C

3rd 15FEB17

Other workers 15FEB17                                                        

4th C

Certain Religious employees C       

5thNon-Regional Center (C5 and T5) C

5thRegional Center (I5 and R5) C

(Targeted Employment Areas/regional Centers and Pilot Programs)

For more information you can check out the official website of the U.S. Department of State.

The visa interview is obligatory to every Green Card winner. We provide you with a step by step summary of the procedure on how to get a Green Card! If you haven't signed up yet, take the first step now!