Higher GreenCard Chances Thanks to Trump?


It’s been a long time since an American president was as polarizing as Trump. We have consistently received questions from concerned Green Card Lottery participants and USA fans asking if a move to the USA is still recommendable or if it would be better to wait. We have therefore given this matter our close attention and are sure of one thing: Participating is worth more now than ever!

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Less Participants = Higher Chances to Win

The chance to win in the Green Card Lottery has always been very high: Up to one out of every 25 participants has won this highly-desirable permanent resident card since 1996! For the first time in The American Dream’s 25-year history, the deep political uncertainty in the United States has led to a sinking number of participants in this year’s Green Card Lottery worldwide!

For you, on the other hand, this means your chance to win is higher! The lower the number of participants, the higher the possibility that your name will be among the winners drawn – so don’t miss out! The chances to win were already good and now they are getting even better!

Last Green Card Lottery?

Donald Trump is a declared opponent of immigration and campaigned on an anti-immigration platform. There has been criticism regarding the participation requirements for the green card lottery, since they have not been that strict. Instead of completely abolish the concept of the lottery, there only might be changes to a perfomance-based point system for immigration visa.

  • Despite several legislative proposals, immigration law has not really changed as of now.
  • The U.S. Department of State has even just recently announced that the Green Card Lottery DV-19 will take place!
  • We have successfully transmitted all DV-19 green card applications to the U.S. authorities

There are various initiatives though, particularly the RAISE Act, which would shake up immigration law and put an end to the Green Card Lottery. Until now, President Trump has not had much luck implementing his campaign promises. But sooner or later he may just succeed, especially since most Republicans share his opinion on immigration issues.  

Presidents come and go, but the Green Card is forever!

If you like President Trump and fully support his position – at least 30 % of our customers shared this opinion in a survey we gave when he took office – then the time to apply for the Green Card Lottery is now more than ever! Become a part of the strong America Donald Trump promised!

Even if you are among the majority of people worldwide who think President Trump is damaging the reputation of the USA and wish his term in office would be shortened, you should still use your chance to win a Green Card  – it might just be your last! If Donald Trump does put an end to the Green Card Lottery, then there would be hardly a chance for people without extremely high qualifications to move to the USA! The issuing of all visas will come under stricter scrutiny too and might set higher requirements for applicants.

If you have ever dreamed of one day living and working in the USA, then the lottery is still the easiest way to do so! Don’t let your big chance pass you by! The Green Card allows you to permanently live and work in the USA and should not be used as a tourist visa. In most cases, however, it is possible to maintain the status of your Green Card without immediately moving to the USA! And until then, the political landscape might look entirely different! 

With or without Trump: MY AMERICA is what I make of it!

Everyone has their own dreams and expectations of the USA and it’s about time that you make America your own! Contradictory to what some may think, Donald Trump does not have much influence on the day-to-day life of most Americans. Best yet: With a Green Card, you get to choose where you want to live!

  • There are many Trump supporters in the midwestern, red states and here you might just meet him at one of his many rallies.     
  • Perhaps you may prefer to live in one of the more liberal areas, like California, New York and many bigger cities which have proven to be anti-trump-strongholds.
  • Others may be attracted to beautiful beaches or high mountains stretching across endless landscapes where nobody really cares about politics.
If you win a Green Card, then America is your America – and nobody can take that away from you!

“America First” also means: Good job opportunities in the USA!

Trump, with his agenda to hinder globalization, wants to economically strengthen the American job market. That it not necessarily a bad thing. U.S. companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Netflix will continue to drive the American economy with or without the assistance of politics. The very conservative idea to bring back the “old economy” (coal mining, etc.) promoted by Donald Trump has had no negative effects on the current economy and may even be the cause of a slight upturn in the markets. The job market in the USA then looks good!

As of now, many of the changes the Trump administration has proposed have not been implemented:

  • Instead of a wall, the U.S. government has made an additional 15,000 visas available for seasonal workers this summer.
  • Instead of repealing Obamacare, an act to expand healthcare coverage to all Americans, only minor changes have been made.
  • The withdrawal of America out of the Paris climate deal has only lead to individual states, like California, introducing their own stricter environmental protection requirements.
  • The planned tax reform may be difficult to finance, but it will lead to tax relief for all citizens both rich and poor. It could also fuel economic activity.

Do not hesitate and take the chances to win a U.S. Green Card, since every lottery could be the last according to Trump!