New Year, New You, New Green Card Chance


We can definitely say 2018 started with a bang: our New Year’s resolutions are still fresh and the start of the new year was just as exhilarating as the end of the last! One thing is certain: The DV-19 lottery did have some surprises in store.

Excitement throughout the year

The USA-year began with the inauguration of President Trump in January and has since been dominating the headlines. Despite all the excitement, there were many lucky Green Card Lottery winners in May 2017 and we were responsible for helping 704 of them make their dream of living and working in the USA come true.  We can proudly say that the first interview appointments in the U.S. consulate have been successful – and the year 2018 can keep on going forward.

October 2017 was more exciting than usual: Due to a technical failure on the behalf of the U.S. authorities, the deadline for the DV-19 Lottery was extended for the very first time. We coped with the task brilliantly and managed to process applications up until the last day.  In the end, we successfully submitted more than tens of thousands of Green Card Lottery applications to the U.S. State Department. You can retrieve your individual participation certificate by logging in to your personal customer account online. 

Time flies by- the drawing of winners 2018 is coming closer

The new year is also the messenger of good news for Green Card DV-19 applicants: The time anxious participants must wait before the results are announced in May is getting shorter every day! We are looking forward to the U.S. authorities’ winner-results just as much as you. In the meanwhile, we will help you pass away the time with Facebook events and further interesting America need-to-knows. Simply subscribe to our monthly newsletter and you will be informed about important green card-, ESTA- and U.S. Visa subjects.

We are crossing our fingers that you will be among the lucky winners of the Green Card Lottery DV-19. We are glad to be of assistance to you at any time. How does the popular saying go: “No guts, no glory”? That’s right – and with a little patience and a bit of luck, your US-adventure may start sooner than you thought! 

And all those who were not fast enough to apply for the past lottery, now have the chance to apply for the current Green Card Lottery DV-20. Even though Trump would love to abolish the green card lottery, it still exists. What are you waiting for? Take your luck into your own hands and get closer to making your American dream a reality!