Stories & Lifestyle: Supermarkets in the US

There are supposed to be tourists who are not only fascinated by the great sceneries and cities of the US, but also by the huge supermarkets or shopping malls where you can get everything you ever wanted. By now, there are countless big supermarket chains that can be very confusing especially if you are a first-time visitor in the US. In order to prevent you from ending up in a hardware store when you want to buy a loaf of bread we have compiled for you an overview of the best-known supermarket chains in the US.

Generally, you shouldn't look for the huge supermarkets in the US downtown. The big shopping centers are usually outside of town - so first off: you will not find the big markets in downtown LA or New York.

Here is an overview of the most popular markets:

WAL-MART: One of the biggest supermarket chains in the US and well-known also in Germany, Wal-Mart is said to offer especially favorable prices in the US. They offer almost everything from sandals to bread. Also, look for the "SuperCenters," they have the whole range of products, while other Wal-Marts only offer a selection.

SAFEWAY: More than 1,600 stores in the US, Canada and Alaska. Safeway is a grocery store with fresh produce. A little advice: you get special discounts with the Safeway Club Card (which you can get for free). By the way, keep your eyes open for coupons (even if you're just there as a tourist) in the store or in newspapers that will secure you additional discounts.

PUBLIX: Mostly in Florida with 500 markets. This chain is a typical supermarket, specialized in groceries. Mostly at Deli counters where you will find fresh goods such as cold cuts, cheese and fish, sandwiches are made upon request.

ALBERTSONS: In general, this supermarket chain is said to have prices above average. Albertsons' range includes an interesting selection of foreign goods, for example from Germany, in case you ever feel like having something from home.

KASH n' KARRY: Is to be found especially in Florida with more than 100 stores. Huge grocery store with a European-oriented product range, in addition to the typically American products of high quality.

WINN-DIXIE: Supermarket with a complete product range, not really comparable with examples mentioned above. Is generally said to offer very favorable prices.

KING-SOOPERS: To be found in Colorado with more than 80 stores. Full grocery product range, with a good cost/performance ratio. The chain offers a cub card that you can apply for in just a few minutes. Your holiday address is enough, since the card is more a way to secure customer loyalty. You will get considerable discounts.