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US tax counseling in Germany Competent tax counseling for the US with insider knowledge by Ms Ines Voigt, Certified Public Accountant, in Berlin. She offers helpful support with everything from advice for all questions about taxes in the US to handling the complicated US tax returns.

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Questions to: (she charges a fee for counseling).

Training for (new) entrepreneurs in the US BB Transatlantic Consulting offers consulting services and cross-cultural training for companies and entrepreneurs who want to expand to the US or already have a branch in the US.

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Weather in the US! Fast and free of charge - the weather for all of North America - always up-to-date, just enter the town or the ZIP code! And ad-free as well...

Money news US banknotes are becoming more colorful and thus more fraud-resistant! The US Bureau of Engraving and Printing presents the new 20-Dollar note:

The North America page This site is privately run by Claus Wolf, but it doesn't have to fear the competition of professional websites. You will find continuously updated travelogues and reports by different people from the US, information about states and national parks, photos and many other things.