News around the Green-Card-Lottery

We are proud to announce that 1,316 lucky winners of The American Dream will be able to live the "American Way of Life" pretty soon and have the right to apply for American citizenship after five years of living in the USA! They will soon be informed about their interview appointment by the Kentucky Consular Centre starting 1st October 2010.

All of our customers who weren't among the lucky winners have been offered an especially reduced service fee in order to apply again for the next lottery DV-12.Please don´t give up hope. Many of our green card winners played the lottery a couple of years before they finally won (see further down).

A statistical breakdown of this year´s lottery can be found  here.

 Until 30th September 2010 we are offering a special reduced price. So take your chance and apply for the DV-12 lottery.

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New Winners:

NGumo Greencard winner

The American Dream is able to congratulate winners from all over the world like Ms. Ngumo who has been among our winners this year. She is living in Nakuru Lift Valley, located in Kenya, Africa. She still has to manage her interview appointment and can`t believe how lucky she is beeing offered such a great opportunity.

 Green Card winners Philipp K.

Another winner  is Mr. Philipp K. from Austria. He and his friends didn´t believe in the lottery to be real . But still - Philipp applied for the lottery twice and promptly won.


 The USCIS improves its homepage and introduces the DS-260

After president Obama criticising the confusing web presence in the last year, the USCIS worked on its homepage and is still  updating  the website to offer a more customer-friendly utilization.

Green Card holders are now able to request their processing status online regarding their naturalization or the loss of a green card, without being put on hold for several minutes or visiting a local immigration office in person.

The USCIS has to answer the request within 15 days instead of within the former 30 days-period.

DS-260The customer is been informed about any change in the processing status by email either in English or (which is new) in Spanish.

After the introduction of the new DS-160 document for non-immigrant visas, which enabled the customers to send all necessary information online prior to the interview appointment, the USCIS now announces the new DS-260 document to follow. This document replaces the DS-230, the so called green card paper applications. It will be possible to submit the application and a photo online meeting the demands of the Paper Reduction Act.

The exact date of the DS-260 being online is not known yet, but expected to be in use soon.

We may be curious about more changes to come.


Brazil to become a new participant of the Visa Waiver Program?

More than 400,000 Brazilian tourists have been travelling the area of Miami in 2009. According to William D. Talbert III, president and CEO of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) the acceptation of Brazil as a member of the Visa Waiver Program would simplify the entry procedure for tourists enjoying there vacation and business men participating in meetings. Under those circumstances the USA would attract more Brazilian tourists and would function as a lucrative headquarter base for businesses. Brazil is working on fulfilling the necessary requirements:

The Declining-Rate has to be less than 3% and the Brazilian passports have to be adjusted to the international standards.