News around the Green-Card-Lottery

There are no news regarding the Green-Card-Lottery at the moment. All the participants of the Green-Card-Lottery DV-2013 are waiting for the results which should be published between May and June 2012. The American Dream will then inform all their customers about the personal results and will provide important information about the further procedure.



Let us introduce you to our new Green-Card holders.


Jan S., Green-Card Winner, Brensbach (Germany)


I participated in DV-11 and it was my first attempt. I was overjoyed when I received in March 2011 the notification of winning. To be a Green-Card holder was one of my dreams since I was 15 years old.

With the support and the guidance of The American Dream I was able to register myself for the DV-11 and my dream became true. I can only recommend The American Dream, they not only answered all my questions, they also showed me the right way to go.

Thank you so much.


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