THE AMERICAN DREAM has been accredited as a consultation office for immigrants to the USA according to Federal German Law (Emigrant Protection Law, §1.1 - 1.4) since January 2000, making it the oldest practicing corporation to have received such a recognition. Immigration consulting may not be practiced in Germany without official government authorization. The above mentioned law was revised by German lawmakers in 2013, and THE AMERICAN DREAM was granted a new unlimited license in December 2013.

For further information and a complete list of accredited corporations and NGOs, please contact the Federal Office of Administration (BVA):

Bundesstelle für Auswanderer und Auslandstätige
(Informational head office for emigrants and expatriats)
50728 Cologne - Germany
Tel: + 49 22899 358 4999
Fax: +49 22899 10 358 8399