Straight to Hawaii after just one try

Marco and Sandra were extremely lucky and won right at their first participation in the Green Card Lottery. In their Green Card review, they tell us all about their new exciting life on the dream island of Hawaii.

Going for a walk at the beach of Hawaii

Marco and Sandra - Lucky winners of the Green Card Lottery!

Green Card Lottery Registration

Why did you join the Green Card Lottery?

My wife Sandra got very sick. At that time we still had a very big gym in Essen. Sandra was a full-time kindergarten teacher and we worked 24/7. She always wanted to go to Hawaii so we went there for a vacation. It was beautiful here and after that, we only had one choice. To live here. There was just one chance: the Green Card Lottery and we liked The American Dream right from the start.

What was your first reaction after receiving the winning notification?

We only took part once and we won immediately. The universe probably also wanted us to go to the USA. I got a very simple email with a winning notification and couldn't believe it at all. I immediately called The American Dream and asked to be sure.

Green Card Application

How did you experience the Green Card application process?

We were very well prepared: We had money on the bank account and in the savings book, all documents in copy and original in the folder. That saved a lot of time. They took the copies right away and we didn't have to wait so long. Then we went to the interview at a counter. After 2 minutes we got a POST-IT with the note "OK" on our files. That's it!!! P.S.: Please don't take anything with you to the embassy (mobile phone, Apple Watch, camera etc.).

Boat trip on Hawaii

Green Card winners Marco and Sandra on the boat off Hawaii

How did your activation trip look like?

We are working with a Nutrition Company from America and had been invited there. When the date at the embassy in January was pushed back further and further, we already panicked thinking we could not get everything sorted out on time. But then it all went perfectly. The embassy date was in May, 2 weeks later the activation trip. The activation was in New York. O-tone of the customs officer: "You want to live on Hawaii? Thats not fair." and he made a wink. It was great.

Then the job hunt on Hawaii followed. A job was found: General manager of 2 fitness studios in Honolulu and personal trainer (self-employed). Sandra works in the studio as well and volunteers at SPCO. They take care of wild cats. They are fed but also neutered and sterilized. Then she also wants to become a volunteer for Hawaiian monk seals.

Immigration to America

Where do you live now and what are the differences to your everyday life in Germany? What do you like most about living in the USA?

We live in Hawaii now. On the main island Oahu. Everything is much more relaxed here, you always have a holiday feeling despite work. Personal training on the beach! After the working day you sit by the ocean and watch the sunset. The people here live the "Aloha Spirit" and the sun shines all year round.

The weather and the ocean. The people are friendly and relaxed. You just feel comfortable. Sandra celebrated her birthday on the beach - here you never have to worry about bad weather. It is always nice! America is a very open country and we were warmly welcomed.

Marco and Sandra at the beach on Hawaii

Marco's and Sandra's new life on Hawaii after their Green Card win

Looking back, would you decide to move to the USA again?

We haven't been here very long (about 1 year), but I don't regret anything. You can always go back if something goes wrong (which it doesn't). But to have never seized this chance, I would have regretted that. Then we surely would have always thought: Oh if only we had...!

Would you recommend The American Dream service to other USA fans?

Our advisor at The American Dream unfortunately left at the time around our embassy appointment. She always gave us good advice and was always there for us (as was her new colleague of course). When everything was delayed again and again, we were reassured and always informed about any news. We are more than happy and recommend only The American Dream!!!! Friends have already applied for the Green Card Lottery as well.

Do you have some advice for future winners?

The move away from home was weird, but we knew what it was for: sun, beach, ocean, Hawaiian monk seals and the Aloha spirit.

You can always go back, but first you have to go and find out if it's not the dream that comes true. Our dream has come true!! Dream big and these dreams will come true! Absolutely apply for the Green Card Lottery and try it yourself- America is awesome.