U.S. Visa

Are you in need of a U.S. visa for a work or study visit in America? Or is your company looking for a contact person to apply for a visa for employees who are going to work at your U.S. branches? The American Dream – US Visa Services supports private customers and companies to apply for visas for the United States of America. As a consulting service approved by the government for oversea employees and because of our specialization in U.S. work visas, we know which formalities are important for you and can ensure an optimal support.

On this page we inform you about the different categories for a U.S. visa. A simple entry up to 90 days is only possible with an ESTA registration for most European travelers with the Visa Waiver Program. We will explain the official regulations to you and will inform you under which circumstances you still need a B-1/B-2 visa for visitors. You can find more information about long-term stays in the categories work visa and immigration visa.

We appreciate the close dialogue with our customers. This way we learn about your priorities. In our visa counseling we will explain to you the details of possible advantages and disadvantages of the different visa for visitors, workers and immigrants (B-1 Business Visa, B-2 Tourist Visa, E-1 Treaty Trader Visa, E-1 Investor Visa, H-1B Visa, L-1 Visa) and will explain to you individual solutions.

In addition to the close cooperation with responsible persons, we will support and advise all applicants. We will prepare every employee who will work in the USA for his interview appointment at the U.S. consulate and for the entry into the USA.

As an intermediary between authorities, U.S. companies, employees and their families, our caseworkers will supervise the complete time management. We can ensure a secure and fast processing of the U.S. visa application. Our visa counselors recommend our customers cost-efficient options - and you can avoid unnecessary high visa fees and long application times.

Even if the procedures for private and company customers are quite different, that is why we have two different sections on the website, we guarantee that you will be supported by us the best way possible and for the best price. We will advise you without obligation, prepare the application forms, compile all documents (visa file) and submit your application to the US-authorities. Afterwards, we will coordinate the obligatory visa interview and prepare you for the first entry into the USA.

On the following pages, we have described all possible ways into the United States and our service. Please read through the information or contact us immediately. We will complete the visa application for you and take care of the full visa process. Meanwhile you can focus on your own business.