USA from A - Z

The American Dream is more than just your contact person for all Green Card and U.S. Visa services. We also share with you our extensive knowledge on immigration and the United States of America in preparation for the visa application process and your long-term stay to the United States of America. The following pages will introduce you to all 50 federal states of the USA and hopefully help you decide which state you would like to live and work in! Whether you prefer the eternal sunshine or the freezing snow; mountainous landscapes or coastal climates, the land of unlimited possibilities has something for everyone. Before you make your decision on where you would like to make your American dream come true, take the time to read through our "U.S. States" and "Weather" sections.

Our section on "Top U.S. Cities" is an enjoyable read and goes into more detail about specific cities in the USA. Here you will get a good idea of the spirit and history of the city. It also never hurts to brush up on a bit of American history! Under U.S. presidents, starting with George Washington and going all the way to Donald Trump, you will find a description of each presidents’ term of office. 

In the category "Links" you can find more than just a list, that you could also have found on Google. The American Dream offers you thoroughly researched and updated references to websites, that can really help you with your U.S. plans. You can find out which questions you can expect at a U.S. naturalization interview, where to find all US newspapers online, where to find the best cooking recipes, where to find an internship or how to do a high school year in the USA, on how to move to the USA, how to find an apartment or a job. You can find all these answers in our link tips, as well as links to the most official U.S. authorities, that you could need (driving license office, U.S. customs, social security, immigration office etc.).