Pizza Party on Super Bowl Sunday

The most significant game of the American Football League (NFL) is traditionally held on the first Sunday in February. On this day, America reaches the highest television ratings of the year and the order rate of Domino’s Pizza is 80 % higher than on any other Sunday! Domino’s is the worlds’ largest pizza delivery chain with American origin.

Five years ago, the first franchise opened its office Germany, nearby The American Dream office. Since then we’ve had quite a few pizza lunch breaks. We love pizza and convenient delivery service, as much as the Americans do. Tom Monaghan saw an opportunity and opened his first Domino’s fast food restaurant in Michigan on June 10, 1960.

Until 1965, Monaghan opened three more restaurants in the area of his first restaurant. The company was originally named “DomiNick’s name”. However, the holder of the new rented location didn’t like the name, so the pizza delivery service got its famous name “Domino’s Pizza”. This name was proposed by an employee and the inventor of Domino’s Pizza immediately liked it. This is how the company name and its logo was born. The three dots on the surface of the domino stones stand for the three stores Monaghan opened in Michigan until 1965 which set the milestone for his success.

Big show at the Domino’s Pizza Theater

Domino’s has made a name for itself and is now considered as the market leader of pizza delivery services. The company regularly comes up with new ideas. Therefore Domino’s was the first company opening a “pizza-theater” store in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2013, to give more transparency to customers. Customers who order their pizza on the spot, can folllow every production step through an open sales counter. Also in Europe, many stores are already equipped with the “open theater”. There’s also the so-called Domino’s Tracker®, which gives the opportunity to track each step of the order online.

Living the Pizza Dream: From rags to riches

Domino’s success increased rapidly from year to year thus more and more franchise companies were opened in the United States. Meanwhile, 12,000 restaurants of the delivery giant can be found in over 80 countries worldwide. Most of their franchisees started their career as pizza delivery man, pizza chef or as waiter/waitress and therefore were able to get to know the company from bottom up to the top. The company’s success is based on the principle of the American Dream: eating humble pie at the beginning, the American dream can be paid off through hard work.

To ensure efficiency in the delivery process, the offer of Domino’s has been kept quite simple until the early 90’s. Later on the range got extended. With the invention of the “Pan Pizza” Domino’s hit the spot one more time. Enjoying high popularity, the pan pizza with the thick crust constitute almost half of all pizza orders. In contrast to the razor-thin Italian-style pizza base, Domino’s pizza bases come with their typical “American-style” base. 

Domino’s doesn’t only offer Italian-American-style pizza in the United States, but also pizzas with particular specialities and a variety of different toppings and crusts. Pizza doesn’t always have to be hearty, it can also be sweet and therefore Domino’s offer their OREO® Dessert Pizza on the American market since 2007.  In 2009, Domino’s introduced the “American Legends” pizza with “special toppings” to the market. However, the most favorite pizza of the Americans is and remains the “pepperoni pizza”, the classic pizza salami. Beside pizza, customers can also order pasta, bread or chicken side dishes, such as pizza rolls, chicken wings, breadsticks, desserts and soft drinks at Domino’s. The product range expansion lead to another name change. It is now called “Domino’s” since the company is not only selling pizza anymore but also offers a wider range of products.

Domino’s pizza’s not sleeping and is working hard on creating new ideas to make their customers happy year to year. Of course, they also offer a vegan products: In 2013, Domino’s presented its new vegan pizza version in Israel, which is made of soy-based cheese. For those who love cheese, there’s also a “cheesy-crust” filling with 40 % more cheese available.

Enjoyment through gadgets

In addition to the culinary delight Domino’s also ensures a technological progress to make ordering as convenient as possible: pizza addicts can create a “pizza profile” and therefore will be able to “tweet” their orders. With “Domino’s Anyware”, customers can order simply and comfortably via SMART TV, SMART WATCH, Twitter or via voice message. With this multi device ordering function Domino’s wins the battle, at least the in the U.S. where 95 % of the smartphone owners are having the Domino’s pizza app installed on their phones. Domino’s keeps up with the times, uses social media to make the ordering process as easy as possible and responds to critical customer opinions. So it may happen that a Domino’s delivery man is suddenly ringing at your door, true to the motto: “Get the door. It’s Domino’s.”

American Pizza goes Italy?!

No guts, no glory. What were they thinking when coming up with the idea to expand to Italy? Domino’s opened their first pizza branch on October 5, 2015 in Italy, the pizza nation par excellence. The solution is quite simple: Instead of promoting the pizza “American Style”, similar to how the Germans do it with “Made in Germany”, Domino’s scores with using purely regional ingredients and thus meets all the needs of the Italian. The first Domino’s pizza franchise has been opened Alessandro Lazzaroni nearby Milan. Due to his experience as a marketing manager at McDonald’s he is optimistic and has already plans to open further branches. He describes the specificity of Domino’s as “Italian Flavor with a twist”. The simple “Magherita” is considered to be the most popular pizza of 70 % of the Italians. “The beauty of pizza is in its customization”, says Richard Allison, Chairman of Domino’s Internaional and thus describes the uncountable opportunities at Domino’s Pizza. According to Domino’s, there are over 34 million ways to order a pizza. Well... challenge accepted!

Home Sweet Home

It always tastes best at home and as everyone knows, home is where the heart is. If you are seeking for a life in the United States, and want to make it from rags to riches as the founder of Domino’s, keep an eye on it! Sign up now on THE AMERICAN DREAM for a chance to win a Green Card to the official U.S. Green Card Lottery to live and work in the land of unlimited opportunities. We keep our fingers crossed that your dreams will come true! 

Official Name: Domino's Pizza Inc. (NYSE: DPZ)

Official Website:

Established: 1960

Founder: Tom Monaghan

First Store: 1960 in Michigan 


  • 1997: Domino's Pizza opened the 1. 500th store outside the United States with 7 stores in a single day on the 5 continents at the same time.
  • 1998: Founder Tom Monaghan announces his retirement. The company is continued under Bain Capital Inc. from now on.
  • 2004: Domino's Pizza Inc. comes as the world leader in pizza delivery service on the stock market, led by DPZ of the NewYork Stock Exchange (NYSE).
  • 2008: Domino's revolutionized with the Domino's Tracker ™ the order process. Customers can track every step of the production online, from first click on "place order" to delivery.
  • 2010: market entry in Germany with the 1st branch of Domino's pizza in the Kantstrasse 60 in Berlin-Charlottenburg.
  • 2015: Domino's celebrates its 55 years anniversary and records its first 5 successful years in Germany. In the same year, Domino’s ensures the leading position on the pizza delivery market through the acquisition of Joey's in Germany.

Bestseller: Pan Pizza

Slogans: You got 30 minutes - get the door. It's Domino of - Domino's. The pizza delivery experts - 

Oh yes we did. 

Interesting facts:

  • Domino’s delivers more than 1 million pizzas a day
  • Domino's fastest pizza chef Pali Grewal manufactures 3 large pizzas in under 33 seconds
  • In America the Domino's DXP ™ (delivery expert) car was launched- a special
  • Car designed for the best pizza delivery with side entry and "Keep-warm function"
  • Headquarters: Domino farms Office Park (Ann Arbor Charter Township) Michigan, United States
  • On Super Bowl Sunday 80% more orders go down as on any ordinary Sunday, followed by New Year’s Eve, January 1st, Halloween's Eve and Thanksgiving.