At the age of 40 the inventor of KFC went into self-employment – and hit the spot! Winner Winner, Chicken dinner! Meanwhile each and everyone is familiar with the famous abbreviation “KFC”. And what do we associate with KFC? Exactly – fried chicken in big boxes with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

And who invented it? How could it be otherwise – an American of course! In the land of endless (fast food) possibilities, KFC had its beginnings in the 1930s.


Harland David Sanders went into self-employment at the age of forty and opened a gas station where he also sold his homemade food. His food found appreciation and word about his talent for preparing chicken quickly spread, so he took the risk and opened his first restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky right across the gas station in the 1930s. This restaurant was first called "Harland Sanders Restaurant".

What made his food so special?

Sanders grew up in the South of the United States and discovered his dedication for cooking in his early childhood. Accordingly his first tries were homemade meals and the traditional cuisine of the Southern United States. His secret recipe contains fresh ingredients, organic chicken and eleven different kinds of herbs and spices.

In the 50s Sanders began to sell his secret recipe to other restaurants and after 12 years almost 600 restaurants were using them for their own productions. The first franchise was launched in Salt Lake City (Utah) by Pete Haman in 1950.

In 1960 Sanders sold his shares for an amount of 2 million US-Dollar to an investor group, but remained loyal to Kentucky Fried Chicken as the company representative. Since 1986 KFC belongs to the Pepsi business corporation.

Finger Lickin' good-mentality leads to success in the U.S.

Although Sanders sold his shares, he kept travelling the world to visit other KFC stores. Sanders recipe for success wasn’t just his secret recipe for fried chicken but also his genuine interest in making people happy with good food. His down-to-earth attitude and his humor are still shown in advertisements to honor his personality and to show some gratitude.

His kind smile still decorates the company’s logo and his loyalty towards the KFC Company is reflected by the worldwide customer appreciation. By now there are more than 19,000 Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in 120 countries. Obviously the main locations are to be found in the United States:

German "Krauts" love American Coleslaw

The menus are adjusted to each country’s taste they are sold in. Don’t panic – Classic products such as the famous coleslaw taste the same everywhere, prepared according to the traditional American recipe. Nevertheless, there are various types of crazy but promising recipes which aren’t available in Germany and other countries. For example, mashed potatoes with corn, crispy chicken nuggets, homemade sauce and three different kinds of cheese on top! "Sweethearts" will find their paradise in homemade cookies. Mouth-watering, isn’t it?

Colonel Sanders Lifestory KFCSanders is living proof that it’s never too late to become self-employed and live the American Dream. America is and remains the land of unlimited opportunities.

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The story of Sanders' life is entertainingly portrayed in the "Hall of Colonels". Pressing on each "Colonel" will show you a virtual documentation of each particular chapter in his life.

Official Name: Kentucky Fried Chicken, short: KFC

Official Website:

Established: 1930 (1952 KFC franchise)

Founder: Harland David Sanders (* 9.9.1890 – † 16.12.1980), known as Colonel Sanders

First Store: 1930 in North Corbin, Kentucky, USA


  • 1930: Opening of the first store (called „Harland Sanders Restaurant“).
  • 1952: Opening of the first franchised store through Pete Harman.
  • 1964: Disposal of Sanders shares for an amount of 2 million US-Dollar to an investor group.
  • 1986: Kentucky Fried Chicken becomes property of „PepsiCo“.

Bestseller: The Bucket (cardboard bucket filled with chicken wings), „Zinger Burger“

Slogans: "Finger Lickin' Good", "Nobody does chicken like KFC" currently: "So good"

Interesting Facts: 

  • KFC-Headquarter: Louisville, Kentucky, United States
  • Logo: white bearded smiling man, Harland David Sanders founder of KFC
  • Secret recipe: Sanders perfected his recipe until 1939. Since then it has never been changed