When we think of Sandwiches, there is one particular fast food chain restaurant that instantly comes into our mind: Subway! What makes Subway so popular is the great idea of creating your own sandwich, or rather the idea of having the Subway staff create it for you. The key to their success must be the fresh preparation right in front of your eyes, so what you see is really what you get!

You would assume that this kind of customer service is an invention of the 21st century but it’s actually not – Subway was founded in 1965 by the U.S. Americans Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. They are in the fast food business for over 50 years now!

The first branch opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut under the name „Pete’s Super Submarines“, based on one of the founder’s name Peter Buck. Later on, the name was changed to „Subway“, originating from the word „sub“ (for the word „submarine“ and referring to the longish shape of the sandwiches) and the word „way“. The name „Subway“ also refers to the subway-like (subway: equivalent name for the underground line in the U.S.) interior decoration and furnishing of the Subway restaurants – a short but very concise name!

Subway’s concept and their sucess proved once again that Americans always have the best ideas. The yummy sandwiches, garnished with fresh toppings, are popular worldwide.


Uhm, not really. But they do have a lot to offer! Subway has a large variety of food – salads, wraps and sandwiches, of course! You can choose between several kinds of bread, meat, cheese, vegetables and dressings. Depending on how hungry you are, you can also choose between two sizes of sandwiches – a smaller and a larger one. No matter what you eat, you will never leave Subway hungry!

But even if you have not much left for sandwishes and are rather a sweet tooth, you will find something at Subway. Cookie fans will find a huge choice of homemade cookies with different flavors , such as  chocolate chip cookies, rainbow cookies, white chip macadamia and even raspberry-cheesecake-cookies! Muffins and donuts also belong to Subway’s food range.

Beyond the sandwiches and the sweets, Subway also offers snacks, such as potato chips and little fruit bags, and even free refills on beverages.  


We're sharing a Subway secret with you: The very best thing about Subway in the United States is the second cookie for free you get when you buy one. Why do they do that? Because great customer service is America’s top-priority so Subway does everything to keep their customers happy! You should definitely stop by at your local Subway-restaurant in the United States.

Speaking of great customer service – Subway even offers home deliveries and some restaurants even offer catering for parties! Your next party will be a big hit with all these yummy sandwiches!


With Subway’s big success since the company’s existence, it’s not a surprise that, meanwhile, you can find about 44,000 restaurants worldwide. Subway has even out-competed Mc Donald’s and has been leading the market of fast food chains since 2010.

Subway – as so many other successful and popular companies we love -  was founded in the United States. There is a reason why we call the United States the „land of unlimited opportunities“ since you can make so many dreams come true there.

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Official Name: SUBWAY®  is a registered trademark of Doctor's Associates Inc. 

Official Website: 

Established: 1965 

Founder: Fred DeLuca und Peter Buck

First Store: Bridgeport, Connecticut 


  • 1965: Subway is founded by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck (original name: "Pete’s Super Submarines")
  • 1995: Subway opens the first branch in Europe (Austria).
  • 1999: First Subway-restaurant in Berlin is open
  • 2010: Subway becomes the official market leader
  • 2015: Subway celebrates 50-year-anniversary 

Bestseller: Sandwiches with all kinds of toppings, of course ;-)

Slogan: „eat fresh“

Interesting facts:

  • The founder Fred DeLuca was only 17 years old when he started his Subway business with the help of Peter Buck who got the necessary "bucks".
  • The world's famous "BMT" sandwich has its name originally from New York's subway system, transporting people wit the Brooklyn-Manhattan-Transit! Nowadays it is known for transporting the "Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest" sandwich straight to your mouth!