Fast Food? Usually, the first foods that come to mind and make your mouth water when you think of fast food are burgers, pizza, French fries and all those other goodies. But sometimes we want something green, which is why there is Sweetgreen. When we want to fulfill our dream of green and healthy, this fast food chain comes to the rescue. We tried their food on our last trip to New York and think it’s delicious! 

Green minds think alike - have a bite!

Sweetgreen was founded by Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman in 2007 shortly after their studies were finished. Feeling like there was something missing from their diet and that there were not enough healthy fast food restaurants for a quick bite to eat, the three friends decided that they had to something about it. Their goal was to convince people that eating healthy can be tasty, fun and fast! With a little self-confidence, the three friends took the risk to open a business that would encompass their values. Their goal was to do right by nutrition, trade and their communities.  

Another important aspect of their business idea included raising community awareness for regional products. To achieve this, the three buy their produce from local markets and farmers and offer a seasonal menu. Each of their suppliers/farmers delivers their produce to every local franchise fresh and if you are curious to know where your rocket salad came from, you can refer to a list of producers available in every store. 

OMG Omega und Sweetgreen Signature Salads! 

These names are not some sort of new slang, but are the names of Sweetgreen’s signature salads. OMG Omega is a bowl of rocket salad, baby spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, basil, avocado, grilled steelhead trout and nori furikake (seasoning) with a sesame-ginger dressing. YUM! This fast food chain also allows for a little bit of wiggle room. If you don’t like cucumbers, no problem. Do you want a handful of bean sprouts on top? Of course! 

Every Sweetgreen store has not only signature salads, but also a wide selection of different sides that you combine to make your very own salad creation. From the selections of sides to the dressing, it would seem that Sweetgreens has an endless number of different types of salad. There is also something for everyone from chicken to vegan or gluten-free – enough salad to get every heart beating healthily. There are also a few warm meal options on the menu for a cold winter’s day. 

The so-called warm bowls are the absolute hit. For starters, there is the Harvest Bowl made from wild rice, chopped cabbage, apples, sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, goat’s cheese and toasted almonds with a balsamic vinaigrette. Have we got your mouth watering yet? 

All dishes at Sweetgreens are made from scratch and you can watch as a salad expert makes your meal. Healthy doesn’t always have to mean expensive and the prices at Sweetgreens are fair.  With such affordable prices, it is no wonder that this chain has become such a popular place for the community to gather and get healthy. 

The Mission of Sweetgreen Fast Food

Sweetgreen has taken on the task of bringing the community together and making people more aware of healthy, local options in their surrounding areas. Sweetgreen takes particular care to primarily use ingredients produced by local and sustainable farms. They also make sure to use ingredients grown seasonally. Fresh is their number one priority and every morning fresh produce is delivered straight to the door of every Sweetgreen franchise. Furthermore, these salad-lovers are in full-support of their farmers and try to work as closely as possible with them. 

Sweetgreen currently employs over 3,000 people in 60 locations all across the USA in the states of Illinois, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. and is continuing to expand to salad-lovers everywhere! The trend to eat more locally, sustainably and healthily is becoming more popular and Sweetgreen is taking the lead! 

Sweetgreen supports healthy food in Schools

Nutrition and eating a balanced diet is an important topic in the schools. Sweetgreen is not only active in supporting farmers, but in supporting schools as well! Sweetgreen employees are busy going to different schools in their local communities to teach children about how to eat a balanced and healthy diet as well as about different types of fruits and vegetables. Through the program, Sweetgreen in Schools, children are taught from an early age that eating can be fun, healthy and more than just burgers, fries and pasta! 

Sweetlife Festivals: Music and Food go  great together!

In the year 2009, the founders of Sweetgreen stood on the sidewalk outside their newly-opened store in Dupont, Washington D.C. with an amplifier and played music in the hopes that people passing by would stop and visit their restaurant. So many people stopped to eat and jam to the music, that the group got together for a block party. As things go, this little music-lovers group grew into the Sweetlife Music Festival. A few years after their first gig on the sidewalk, the Sweetlife Festival took place with headliners like The Stokes, Girl Talk and Lupe Fiasco. Every year since then, the Sweetlife festival has taken place at the Merriweather Post Pavillon in Columbia, Maryland. Other chart-hitters who played included Lana del Rey, Avicii, Foster the People, The Weeknd, The 1975, Halsey and many more. 

The Sweetlife Festival brings together the old and the young and hosts a wide variety of activities, great music and, of course, great food. In the meanwhile, this festival has attracted crowds as large as 20,000 and the organizers of the event hope to continue bringing together health, nature, music and communities in the coming future. This year, the Sweetlife Festival 2017 will not be one big event, but will get “Back to the Roots” by hosting small music festivals in many different states. This way, the Sweetlife experience and the spirit of the good, nutritious life will be spread across America. 

Our Green Card dream team has already tasted the green bowls Sweetgreen serves up and we are already thinking about our next salad combination. If you love green just as much as we do and want to get lucky in the Green Card Lottery DV-19, then apply now! Green is good for your health! 

Official name: Sweetgreen 

Official website: 

Established: 2007 

Founders: Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman 

First store: Washington D.C. 

Headquarters: Washington D.C.

Slogan: "simple, seasonal, healthy food" 

Missions slogan: “your time is now. work on purpose and with purpose. make real friends. share inspirations. never get stuck.”