U.S. Sports

Americans are passionate sport enthusiasts. Often the whole family goes to sporting events. "That’s entertainment", an American would say, when talking about the all-round package in U.S. sport. Already hours before the actual beginning of the game there is a supporting program, since many spectators have to cover long distances to be able see the athletes and teams in the competition about points and emotions live. The most popular sports in the U.S. are American football and baseball, followed by basketball, ice hockey, motorsports, rodeo and many other kinds or sport. European soccer is slowly starting to be popular as well.

Below, we present the four most popular sports in the United States.

U.S. Sports Highlights in 2016

*While the last days of 2016 are passing, we take a look back at an exciting year in American sports....

American Football

nfl national football league

According to history American football came into being in 1869. The first game took place between Rutgers and Princeton University....


nba national basketball league

The doctor and pedagogue James Naismith developed the basic ideas and the game principle of the team sport that is...

Ice Hockey

nhl national hockey league

Hockey is one of North America’s most popular sports and especially in colder regions an established people magnet.  The teams come...


mlb major league baseball

New York Yankees. Boston Red Sox. Cleveland Indians. Most sports fans have picked up some of these illustrious names at...