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According to history American football came into being in 1869. The first game took place between Rutgers and Princeton University. In American football the main idea is to carry or throw the egg-shaped leather ball in the opponents’ end zone.

The rules of American football
Every team is specialized in either offense or defense. For each game play versions there are 11 players available.

One cannot really compare American football to football or rather soccer in Europe, perhaps more with the strategy game chess. The crucial issue is with which plays the attacking team will outdo the defending team. To be able outsmart the line of defense, the attacking team has to get the ball at least 10 yards beyond - including the ball -, to be able to remain in the attacking mode. And to even be able to achieve the space of 10 yards, the "offense" gets four tries by running and passing game moves (first down, second down etc.). The "defense" tries to tackle the player who has the ball or to get ball themselves (fumble).

Points are only scored when the attacking team gets the ball into the opponents’ end zone. In exceptional cases the defending team can also score points, but only if they catch a ball that is thrown and bring it into the end zone of the attacking team. This is called an "interception". If the ball gets to the end zone six points are scored and is known as a "touchdown". Each touchdown is followed by the possibility to score another point, the so-called "field goal". To achieve the field goal there is an especially qualified player – the "Kicker". The kicker is comparable to a free kick specialist in soccer. The only difference is that there is no opposing wall in the way. An extra point after the touchdown can only be given to the team if the ball it shot through the goal, which is formed like a "U" and has two poles that are three meters high, from a distance of several meters away. If the attacking team does not accomplish a touchdown in the third down, then often the fourth down is used to try to achieve a field goal.  If the shot is successful, three points are scored.

NFL - National Football League
The game consists of four play periods which are called "quarters". The playing time of one quarter is 15 minutes long. The National Football League (NFL) has 32 teams in total, which are divided into eight groups which each have 4 teams. The teams compete against each other within the groups and also outside of the groups according to a complicated allocation procedure for league games.

green bay packers logo
Green Bay Packers Owned by the people The Green Bay Packers are the oldest team still playing at the place of foundation – Green Bay, Wisconsin. Moreover the Green Bay Packers are the only team in the National Football League, which is not owned by a single person but by 350,000 share holders.

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Chicago Bears logo
Chicago Bears Bear Down, Chicago Bears! The Chicago Bears are one of the oldest and most traditional teams in American Football.

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Carolina Panthers logo
CAROLINA PANTHERS “The big black cats are lurking for their first title” New season, new luck! After their Super Bowl 50 loss, the Panthers from North Carolina are still lurking for their first big NFL title. We tell you why entrants of the Green Card Lottery should be inspired by this team!

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lambeau field green bay
Lambeau Field The stadium was initially built under the name City Stadium and had a capacity of...

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Soldier Field Chicago Wikimedia Commons
Soldier Field Stadium REMEMBER THE FALLEN The name of this stadium is honoring the U.S. soldiers fallen in World War I.

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Picture credits: HangingCurve via Wikimedia Commons
Bank of America Stadium “The Vault” This stadium has the nickname "The Vault" and is painted in the team colors of the Carolina Panthers.

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tom brady trikot 12
Tom Brady The Californian Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. With the New England Patriots he won the Super Bowl four times and was voted MVP (Most Valuable Player) three times.

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marshawn lynch nfl logo
Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch is the heart and soul of the Seattle Seahawks offensive. He’s born and raised in California and does not need any attention. He prefers to avoid journalists and looks for trouble on the field with  anyone who’s in his way – therefore his nickname is "Beast Mode".

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headshot nfl moritz boehringer
Moritz Böhringer “The American (Football) Dream is alive!” Moritz Böhringer is the first European who directly enters the NFL without having played College football ever before. What can we expect from the young German? Does he have the potential to become the very first German superstar in the NFL?

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