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New York Yankees. Boston Red Sox. Cleveland Indians. Most sports fans have picked up some of these illustrious names at least once. They are names of baseball teams.

Since 1903 the World Series, the championship series of North American-based Major League Baseball, is held annually. Only American football and basketball manages to get higher ratings. The game with bat, glove and ball has a long tradition. Baseball is the nation’s favorite hobby and unites close to all Americans in one big fan base regardless of gender or age.

The rules of Baseball

The game itself is a little tricky and can take several hours until the final result is due. That’s because "draw" does not exist in this game. The basics: Two teams consisting of nine players each compete.

The game is played on a square, 90 feet infield called diamond, which has a base on each corner. Roughly speaking there are three bases and one home plate.

The playtime is divided in nine innings. The team with the most runs over the period of nine innings wins.

On the field there is one pitcher (who throws the ball), a batter (who has to hit the ball with the bat) and a catcher (who catches the ball and signals the pitcher how to throw the ball in order to not have it hit by the batter) as well as defending players on each of the three bases.

The pitcher throws the ball from the low mound in the center of the infield to the batter. He tries to hit the ball with his bat. If he manages to do that, he drops his bat and runs to the first base. If the field players catch the ball first the runner is out, however. If the runner was at the first base before the ball was caught it is the next hitter's turn. The runner can try to reach the second base or even further bases if he hits the ball in such a way that the field team has problems catching it. A runner, who archives to hit the ball and runs past all three bases and back to the home plate, strikes a home run.

It is a good attacking game, when all bases are loaded with runners. Every player, who can make it past the third base to the home plate as long as the ball is not caught yet, scores a point.

Baseball is of the biggest crowd magnets, not only due to the fact that 162 games are played each season from April to October, just when other sports like hockey, American football or basketball are on a break due to the warm weather. The sheer number of games keeps the ticket prices low and therefore even fans with a lower income can afford watching games live in the stadium.


Since the season of 2013 each league is divided in three divisions with five teams each. 


American League

National League






Baltimore Orioles


Atlanta Braves

Boston Red Sox

Miami Marlins

New York Yankees

New York Mets

Tampa Bay Rays

Philadelphia Phillies

Toronto Blue Jays

Washington Nationals


Chicago White Sox


Chicago Cubs

Cleveland Indians

Cincinnati Reds

Detroit Tigers

Milwaukee Brewers

Kansas City Royals

Pittsburgh Pirates

Minnesota Twins

 St. Louis Cardinals


Houston Astros


Arizona Diamondbacks

Los Angeles Angels

Colorado Rockies

Oakland Athletics

Los Angeles Dodgers

Seattle Mariners

San Diego Padres

Texas Rangers

San Francisco Giants

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