The city of Austin is the capital of the U. S. state Texas and has a population of about 850,000.


Today we are introducing a city in the southeast of the U. S. Peach trees seem to be extremely popular there.


Boston has an area of approximately 90 mi2 and lies on the east coast of the U. S. north east of New York in the state of Massachusetts. The city center counts around 600.


Chicago is a city with a lot of history and many different cultural influences, especially by German and Irish immigrants.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is home to over 400,000 inhabitants in the state of Colorado, El Paso County. The population is comparable to German cities like Duisburg, Bochum or maybe Wuppertal. But it’s much nicer.


Detroit, Michigan at one point of time was the hub of the automotive industry. It was the economic powerhouse of the United States.

Fort Lauderdale

"Yo so I continued to A1A Beachfront Avenue" was sung by Vanilla Ice in his chart breaker "Ice, Ice Baby" (U. S. No. 1, UK No. 1, D No.


Close your eyes, switch on your imagination! You are now lying at the beach and you are enjoying tropical weather with temperatures of around 30 °C degrees. You feel a need to jump into the cool water.

Key West

Key West is a small paradise for scuba diving, snorkeling or simply fishing in crystal clear waters.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the biggest city in Nevada and lives mostly off of tourism and hospitality.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the second largest city (by urban area) in the United States of America, after New York City, and the biggest city in California.


The foundation of this "The River City" was laid in the year 1819 by the three founding fathers Andrew Jackson (general and former U. S. president), James Winchester (general) and John Overton (judge).


Miami may not be the biggest city in Florida or the state’s capital, but it’s probably the best-known city and for many a very popular vacation destination in Florida. Often described as the metropolis of the U. S.

New Orleans

In the southeast of the U. S. in the state of Louisiana north of Lake Pontchartrain and enclosed by the Mississippi in the south, New Orleans is like a sickle, which explains the nickname "The Crescent City".

New York City

New York City, the largest city in the USA, has been given many names - The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, Empire City, and Gotham City – and this metropolis magically attracts millions of visitors each year.


This city on the 595-km long Delaware River is steeped in history and one of the oldest cities in America. Philadelphia was the capital of the U. S.


Do you like the following depictions? The sky seems s to be bigger, the stars are shining brighter and the sun set will take your breath away.


Pittsburgh lies in the U. S. state of Pennsylvania and can be found on the map between well-known cities like Cleveland and New York or Columbus and Philadelphia.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the oldest and, according to some Texans, the most beautiful city in the state of Texas.

San Diego

San Diego, the second largest city in California, has a lot to offer: a pleasant climate, beaches at the pacific that go on for miles, cultural diversity, historic places and a very high quality of life characterize “America’s Finest City”.

San Francisco

San Francisco is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the U. S. and not only because of the city’s great location.

Santa Barbara

The tenth “gem” of a string of different cities from Los Angeles to Sonoma is Santa Barbara. A true jewel as you will discover after reading this text.


It is not only Savannah’s rich history that attracts its many visitors, but also just its basic charm and general southern atmosphere.


The metropolis Seattle in the northwest of the USA is a very urban city. The large bay area which is called Puget Sound has a lot of small islands.

Washington D.C.

Washington D. C. , meaning the federal district “District of Columbia”, is the capital of the United States of America.