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  • How To: Shop in the US

    *SHOP TILL YOU DROP* - that's the motto in the temples of consumerism in the US. And they do everything to make spending money as pleasant...

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  • No Country for Foreigners?

    It was a bit unsettling for me when Donald Trump’s executive order to temporarily ban people from seven countries from the US went public. At first,...

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  • Visa & More: Frequently Asked Questions

    Below, you will, as usual, find a selection of visa questions we have been asked by our customers over the last few days. Please note that...

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  • Entertainment

    In our last newsletter we introduced a very recommendable book on the green card theme (Green Card Stories[sitetree_link id=2545]). Now even Hollywood is attending to the green...

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  • News Bytes

    *US has most Nobel Prize Winners* Over the past 105 years, US citizens won 228 Nobel Prizes, this year alone all prizes in the field of science...

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  • Editorial

    Dear Readers, welcome to our newsletter of August 2013. In this month’s newsletter you can read about the final results of the Green Card Lottery DV-2014. Check out...

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  • What type of visa do accompanying family members get?

    Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 can apply for the O-3 visa. Other than derivative visas in the L-1[] or E-1[]/E-2[] category, the...

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  • Blog Favorites

    Living far away from home you often get asked how many times a year you actually visit home. When we first moved here I was sure...

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  • Preguntas frecuentes

    ¿Puedo participar cada año? Sí, usted puede participar cada año. Por supuesto, si su esposa o esposo y Usted presentan las solicitudes por separado, tendrán el doble de posibilidades...

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