Green Card Winners DV-2018

May is an exciting month: After waiting for such a long time, the results of the Green Card Lottery DV-18 have finally been announced and our customers have been informed. After carefully reviewing the results, all The American Dream customers were sent their personal results per post and the first winners have already been in touch.

Green Card Lottery DV-18 in review

Once again this year, a considerable number of our customers had their big dream of living and working in the USA come true: 704 lucky Green Card winners can now devote their time to planning the next chapter in their lives – emigrating to the USA! 

Dozens of winners have already registered to use our exclusive winners’ forum and learn from the experiences shared by former and new Green Card winners. After winning, there are several forms to fill out for the official Green Card application and all winners are required to travel to the USA to active their Green Cards. With our Premium Service, we are happy to take over most of the work and guide you through every step of your Green Card adventure. Our lucky winners have already received our exclusive guide which will help pave their paths to a life in the USA! We are very excited about the increase of winners this year and hope we will be able to help many more in the future. 

Quotes from our Green Card winners

We asked our DV-18 winners, whose dreams have come true, about their ultimate “American Dream” and the answers were overwhelming. Even though all our winners are pursuing their dreams in the same country, “America”, the answers we received differed greatly. But one thing became pretty obvious: The American Dream is multifaceted! To give you a glimpse, we have summarized a few customer quotes from our DV-18 lottery winners:  

“My American dream is …” 

  • "… to live and work in the land of unlimited opportunities and to make the impossible possible.” (Tracy K.)
  • "… to drive through America with my Harley.” (Andreas F.)
  • “… to build a life in America with everything that goes with it. Work, build a house and live “The American Way of Life.” (Jacqueline L.)
  • “… to open my own restaurant in California.” (Sebastian Z.)
  • “…to have the freedom to be creative and the possibility to make this come true – large can also be fun and to be so unconventional.” (Stefan V.)
  • " Kalifornien ein eigenes Restaurant zu eröffnen.” (Sebastian Z.) 

In case someone has just recently moved and therefore did not receive their personal notification, please get in contact with us. Your personal details can be found by logging in to your customer account. Here you can check your given address and details for accuracy. 

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the US authorities to release the Green Card Lottery results for each country. Once we have these data, we will present the worldwide results of the Green Card Lottery DV-18 to our customers in our winner statistics. As soon as we have the data to share, we will make it accessible on our website. 

Discount for the Green Card Lotterie DV-19

Fortunately, it is possible to try your luck again by participating in the new Green Card Lottery DV-19 and by doing so renew your chance to win one of 55,000 Green Cards. Returning customers who apply by June 15 will receive a € 20 discount for their loyalty on all service packages and even new customers will be given a small early bird discount!

As always, we are keeping our fingers crossed for all our customers and are right by your side if you have any questions or concerns.