A Green Card with us

The American Dream is fully committed to making your American dream come true and if you participate in the Green Card Lottery with us, you can be certain that you are in good hands. Not only are we by your side when you apply for the lottery, but we are here for you every step of the way right up until you get your immigrant visa. 

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Over 20 years of Green Card Lottery experience!

Benefit from our many years of experience:

  • Just three aspects of our services include reviewing your application for accuracy, the submission of your application in due form and time to the US authorities as well as notifying customers of the lottery results.
  • Moreover, our expert Green Card team is here to advise winners right up until they travel to the USA for the first time.
  • The odds of winning a Green Card are very good – so take a chance and apply with The American Dream anytime of the year.  

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We have already helped over 19.000 winners win a Green Card – the best evidence that the Green Card Lottery, with a mistake-free application and a little luck, opens many doors of opportunity. America-fans from all over the world have found and continue to find their way into the USA with help from The American Dream. Are you curious about what a lucky winner looks like? Read about the experiences our previous Green Card winners have had. Maybe you too will be sharing your very own Green Card story soon!

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The confidence of our customers, our professional expertise and a motivated team – since 1996 The American Dream has been working hard to make your dream come true. Who was the one with the crazy idea to start a company, who are the faces behind it and where can you find them? Find out more about The American Dream!

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