Green Card Lottery

Has it always been your dream to live and work in the USA without restrictions? This is difficult to do without a Green Card, which is a hard to get legal residency permit for the USA. Fortunately, there is one easy path to the USA through the so called Green Card Lottery (officially Diversity Visa Lottery). Almost everyone around the world can qualify for this lottery. The chance to win a Green Card only comes once a year – so it is best to be well-prepared for it! The American Dream is here to support you all along the way from applying to the Green Card Lottery to holding it in your hand!

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The American Dream is a governmentally approved U.S. immigration consulting agency which helps you through every single step of the Green Card application process. We guarantee your participation in the Green Card Lottery and provide comprehensive support in case you win. Read through the individual articles on our website to see how you too can apply for one of the 55,000 Green Cards every year!

We make sure that your application is turned in correctly and on time – this raises your chances of winning to 1:25. Read more about how Green Cards are distributed on our overview page about your chance of winning. The dream to work and live in the United States of America has already come true for more than 18,000 The American Dream customers. Many of them have already emigrated or are planning their new life in the USA. Take a look at our section on Green Card winners and you will find pictures, short statements, blogs, forum threads and stories of hundreds of our customers on Facebook. Experience what it means to win the Green Card Lottery – and maybe be a part of it yourself one day!

If it has always been your dream to live in the USA, read over the participation requirements to see if you qualify for the Green Card Lottery. Almost everyone can participate in the Green Card Lottery, but there are some requirements that need to be met. On our requirements page, we have described in detail what requirements you need to fulfill. The main reason for introducing the lottery in 1994 was to encourage and give all people from around the world a chance to emigrate to the USA. The intention of the lottery was not to acquire skilled immigrants, but was rather about preserving the diverse mixture of people in the USA, a nation with a high proportion of immigrants. That is why some countries that already have a high percentage of immigrants are excluded from the lottery. You can find out which countries are excluded in the requirements section.

The fasted way to the USA is with the Green Card and we have made it easy for you: quickly complete our Green Card Check and if the result is positive, apply for this year’s Green Card Lottery right away!

Every dream deserves to be fulfilled – and yours could be the next!

We are happy to help you! Your The American Dream team.