Immigrate to the USA

The time has finally come: You are a proud Green Card holder and still can’t believe your dream has actually come true. We can assure you, you are not dreaming – it’s true! With the Green Card, nothing is standing between you and your dream of living and working in the USA. Now you can dedicate your time preparing for the next step: actually making the move to the USA. 

Organization is key

Do you have a thousand questions spinning around your head and you are not sure where you should start? The American Dream has 19.000 lucky Green Card winners to rely on and we are happy to share this experience with you! It is best to be well prepared for your move to the USA and make sure you have all required documents as well as a place to live. Once you have your feet on the ground in America, there will be a few bureaucratic tasks to take care of. Our tips will help you take the stress out of bureaucracy.

  • Have you applied for a Social Security Card? Check.
  • Have you opened an American bank account? Check.
  • Have you got an American driver’s license? Check.

American Diversity

Beautiful beaches in Florida or the snow-covered mountains in the West – this is just a taste of what your new home has to offer! You have finally settled into your new home and now have the time to explore the job market since working in the USA is a must for most. Successfully entering the job market has a little to do with luck, but more to do with writing a good resume and making a good impression in the job interview. It is always a good idea to become familiar with the American job market and inform yourself on how to successfully apply for a job.

And before you know it, you have made the American way of life your own and can look back nostalgically at the excitement of your first move to the USA. Can you imagine a life in the USA? Can you imagine the chance to become a US citizen? We are certain of one thing: You are guaranteed to embody what is means to be a “real” American.