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Anyone who wants to have an unlimited residence and work permit for the USA needs the most famous visa in the world: the Green Card. With very few exceptions, the Green Card holder has the same rights as a US citizen.

What is a Green Card?

The Green Card is an official ID document that allows its owner to live and work in the United States of America without any time limit. 

Most people are familiar with the legendary Green Card Lottery, in which US fans worldwide can fulfill their dream of emigrating to America each year.


The Lawful Permanent Resident Card, as the immigrant visa is officially called, is raffled randomly in the Green Card Lottery regardless of extraordinary qualifications.

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How do I get a Green Card?

The Green Card can be obtained not only through the Green Card Lottery but also through other means. These include, for instance, relatives in the USA or a job for which no US citizen would be suitable.

However, due to the tremendous hurdles and long waiting times for most family and work-based Green Cards, for most US fans, the lottery is the only way to emigrate to the States. 

55,000 people win the lottery each year. Those who meet the requirements and do not make any mistakes in the application process have excellent chances and do not need extraordinary skills.


The benefits of a Green Card 

Green Card holders enjoy a lot of benefits. These include:  

  • Effortless entry into and exit from the US

  • The right to live permanently in any state in the US

  • The right to work permanently and without restriction in the United States

  • The preservation of one's citizenship

  • If interested: Acquiring US citizenship after three or five years as a Green Card holder

  • Saving up to 80% on study fees at US universities

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How do I apply for a Green Card?

The application process for a Green Card differs depending on your reason for immigrating to the US or the type of your qualifications:

Green Card Lottery Application

Where: Participation in the official Green Card Lottery through The American Dream

Who: Yourself

Hurdles: Almost none


Application for a family-based Green Card

Where: Apply at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Who: Relative who is a US citizen or Green Card holder

Hurdles: In some cases, decades-long waiting periods

How: Read more

Application for a work-based Green Card

Where: Apply at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

Who: Your future employer in the US

Hurdles: Requirement of evidence and high costs for the employer

How: Read more

Application for an investment-based Green Card

Where: Apply at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) 

Who: Yourself

Hurdles: At least $900,000 "entry fee"

How: Read more

Increase your chances to get a Green Card

Applying for a Green Card through employment or for a family reunion is time-consuming and complex. With a few exceptions (for example, for spouses of US citizens), you must prepare for several years of waiting. The solution to this problem is the Green Card Lottery.

But even this has hurdles and pitfalls. The US government can disqualify you for even a small mistake. That's why every year, thousands of US citizens seek the help of The American Dream's Green Card experts to increase their chances of getting a Green Card.

What does a Green Card cost?

The costs for a Green Card differ depending on the category and can vary from case to case. The "basic" costs are: 

  • A processing fee of between $325 and $345. 

  • The USCIS Immigrant Fee of $220 

  • The Biometrics Services Fee of $85 

  • The cost of the medical exam varies from $400 to $500.

Again, the Green Card Lottery is the easiest option. It gets more complicated with work-based and family-based Green Cards. Here, for example, the following costs may apply:

Employment-based Green Card

  • Immigrant petition for foreign workers
  • Labor certification: Attorney and agency fees
  • Fees for "Premium Processing"
  • Document translation costs

Family-based Green Card

  • Petition for foreign relatives fee
  • Cost for Affidavit of Support
  • Document translation costs

Also, consider the costs for a Green Card activation trip to the USA. 

Insider tip: If you have chosen the SMART or VIP plan from The American Dream, the flight costs for your trip to and from the USA are included.

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