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The USA are one of the most popular emigration destinations worldwide. The prerequisite for starting a new life in the land of opportunity is a Green Card. 

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Work and live in the USA forever with a US Green Card

What is a Green Card?

The Green Card is a US immigration visa which officially bears the name "US Permanent Resident Card". Anyone who owns a Green Card therefore has an unlimited permit to live and work in the USA.

Apart from the right to vote, Green Card holders have almost all rights of a US citizen.

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Benefits of a Green Card 

The US Green Card is one of the most sought-after immigration visas worldwide, as holders of such a Permanent Resident Card benefit from many advantages.

With a Green Card you can:

  • enter the USA in a simplified way - no US Visa or ESTA is necessary anymore!
  • live without restrictions in any US state
  • work without restrictions in the USA
  • maintain your former nationality
  • apply for American citizenship after three or five years
  • save up to 80% of tuition fees at US universities

... and much more!

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How do I apply for a Green Card?

In general, there are four ways of obtaining the coveted immigrant visa:

The application for a Permanent Resident Card must be submitted online to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Depending on the category, applicants must meet different requirements.

However, applying for a Green Card through a job in the USA or as part of a family reunion is very lengthy and complex.

Therefore thousands of USA fans also try their luck at the Green Card Lottery, in which the US authorities raffle 55,000 Green Cards worldwide every year.

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How much does a Green Card cost?

The costs of applying for a Green Card depend on the respective category. The processing fee varies between USD 325 and USD 345.

Additionally, the following fees apply:



USCIS Immigrant Fee

220 USD

Biometrics Service Fee

85 USD

Medical Exam Fee

400 - 500 USD

Furthermore, there are expenses for translations, certifications and the possible travel to the Consulate appointment as well as the activation trip to the USA.

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