Passport data for Green Card Lottery

At the beginning of July 2019, the US State Department issued a new regulation on the US Green Card Lottery. In addition to the existing compulsory data, applicants also require a valid passport to enter the next draw. 

What data must be entered now? 

The US authorities give away more than 55,000 Green Cards per year, which allow unlimited living and working in the USA. Over 14 million people from all over the world take part in the Green Card Lottery each year. The previous electronic application form required the following details from the applicant:

  • full name
  • sex
  • date and place of birth as well as country of birth
  • current address
  • e-mail address
  • highest level of education
  • marital status
  • number of children
  • if applicable, data and photos of spouse and child(ren)
  • a digital photo

In order to participate successfully in the Green Card Lottery, the following data must also be entered as of now:

  • Passport number
  • Passport expiration date
  • Issuing country
picture of passports for the dv lottery

Participants in the US Green Card Lottery will now also need a valid and unexpired passport.

Since you will need a passport anyway in case of a win, this step facilitates the further procedure.

For us to ensure that your application is accepted by US authorities, the passport must be valid until November 10, 2019 or at least until the end of the official registration period.

Note: In case your passport expires before the lottery results are announced, you must keep your invalidated passport or a copy of it. If you win, you should be able to prove to the US consulate why your passport number has changed. 

What happens if I don't fill out all the fields?

The previous rules did not explain what would happen if the required information was not provided. However, the amended US regulation clarifies that applicants in the next DV Lottery will be disqualified if they fail to submit any data (including a valid photo).

This is actually not a big change, but could be a hint towards stricter handling by the US authorities in case of minor typos or mistakes in the original entry. A flawless entry is now more important than ever!

Do I also have to provide my family's passport details?

No! Only the passport details of the main applicant need to be entered for registering in the Green Card Lottery. You do not have to provide passport details of your spouse or children. However, if you want to double your chances by submitting two entries as a married couple, both applicants need to provide their details. 

Picture of a US Green Card Winner Family

You do not need to provide your spouse's or children's passport details in your Green Card Lottery application.

Why is there a new regulation?

The regulation was passed to combat fraud related to the official Green Card Lottery. It had become customary in some countries that third parties or fraudulent agents submitted DV Lottery entries of people without their consent, by stealing photos from social media accounts or previous applications.

In case that any such person would "win" the lottery, these third parties would then blackmail the unknowing applicants into paying exorbitant sums for receiving their winning certificate.

Since passport data are not as readily available as photos or other data, and are also very unique to each person, this should cut down overall fraud related to entries into the Green Card Lottery.

A flawless entry is more important than ever!

In addition, the revised US Government regulation makes it very clear that all applicants for the upcoming Lottery who submit incomplete or inaccurate data will be disqualified without exception.

With these new regulations, it is now more important than ever to submit a flawless entry into the US Green Card Lottery! Our experts will review all applications carefully and submit them to the US authorities in due form and time! We are the only agency worldwide with a government license for this type of emigration consulting (§1 AuswSG, Fed.Germ.Law).

Picture of a Green Card Application

Participation with The American Dream guarantees that your Green Card application will be submitted in the correct form and on time.

Increased chances of winning...

Yes, it is now more difficult to enter the DV Lottery and some people may have to apply for a new passport for the pure chance of winning a raffle. But the positive consequences should not be underestimated:

A lot of people will likely abstain from participating in the lottery because they lack the time, money or motivation to apply for a passport. This will effectively eliminate almost all applicants who in recent years took part "just for fun". It will also eliminate all applicants that hear of the new regulations at the last hour and do not have time to get a passport before the deadline is over.

1) ...due to fewer participants

The good news behind it? According to trustworthy estimates, out of the 15 million people who applied last year, slightly more than half do not currently hold a passport and will not hear about this regulation soon enough to apply for one!

But not you! You are lucky because you read about it here, or were informed about it as our customer. This means you cannot only take part in the lottery, but you immediately also doubled your chances, just by providing your passport information!

Much fewer participants mean much better chances this year! This could be your best chance ever to win the lottery and you should not miss it just because you think it´s not worth it to provide your passport information or to get a new passport!

2) ...Due to our participation guarantee

On top of this, the chances for all The American Dream customers are significantly increased anyway, as we guarantee the on-time, correct participation in the official US Green Card Lottery, and free counseling as a winner. 

Chances this year are likely to be the highest in our 23-year company history! And you may be part of and benefit from this historic chance!

Picture of Green Card Chances of Winning USA Lottery

The chances of winning for The American Dream customers from some regions are now higher than ever before.


Positive signal for the Green Card Lottery
The positive consequences are not yet over:  The fact that the current US government changes and tightens the rules of the Green Card Lottery instead of abolishing it completely (as Trump actually wishes) can be considered a very strong positive signal.

The more secure the lottery gets and the more anti-fraud measures it implements, the more difficult it will be for its opponents to remove it in the future.

I'm already participating in the lottery - so what now?

If you are already a customer of The American Dream and take part in the current DV Lottery, it´s very easy to supply your passport information now! We have already added the appropriate fields to your customer account and all you have to do is log in with your customer number and add your passport details.

Please note, however, that both your photo and your passport details must be submitted by 15.10.2020.

Can I submit my passport details later?

Yes, if you participate in the DV Lottery with The American Dream, you can register with just a few clicks and add your passport details at any time afterwards, but before 15.10.2020. This would not be possible if you participated without the help of The American Dream.

So take advantage of the dramatically increased chances this year and secure your participation in the next lottery!