Our Winners

Voices from successful Green Card winners:

Family L., Green Card Winners from Puchheim, Germany

Dear American- Dream Team, we wanted to give a big thanks for making our dream come true. Our new home will be in Florida.

Bernhard Z., Green Card Winner from Sonthofen, Germany

I have always dreamed of emigrating to a different country and after having lived in Australia for the last 21 years I am now overcome with wanderlust! The people, the ocean and the weather are enough reasons for me to emigrate! After I unexpectedly won the Green Card, it was clear, this country is calling me! I am moving to California with my wife who I am marrying next month and will work as a real estate agent!

Sabrina and Maik B., Green Card winners from Bad Hersfeld, Germany

Thank you TAD! We became winners after only the first try. The support TAD provides is really super, you don’t have to worry about anything and a competent contact person is available at any time. We have been fascinated by America since our first vacation there. After quite a few trips, we got the idea that we wanted to live there. With the Green Card, our dreams have almost come true!

Stefan F., Green Card Winner from Munich, Germany

Thank you AmericanDream for your great support!

Kathrin L., Green Card Winner from Hannover, Germany

All good things come in threes! Thank you very much TAD for your support!

NICO M., Geen Card Winner from Hamburg, Germany

Do not dream about life, live your dreams. After 7 years, my dream has finally come true and even today I still cannot believe it. In 2017, I will be saying goodbye to Germany and hello to the Sunshine State Florida. With the professional help from the TAD team, I felt I was in good hands. You’re the best. I think the realization that I have reached my destination will really set in after I book my one-way ticket and the flight. With this in mind…. in Hamburg one says bye …

Samantha S., Green Card Winner from Rodgau, Germany

After 7 years, my winner notification was completely unexpected. With the Green Card, my long-desired dream has been fulfilled and I have also, thanks to the Winners' Forum, met wonderful people who I am now going to Florida with. Thank you TAD for your great support!

Michelle and Michael G., Green Card winner from Rinteln, Germany

After uncountable tries we finally made it and can't even express how happy we are. Many thanks to THE AMERICAM DREAM-Team for your great support on our way to our Greencards!

Lilian R., Green Card Winner from Hamburg, Germany

With the 4th try, my American Dream has finally become true with help of THE AMERICAN DREAM Team. I will move to Fort Lauderdale, South Florida in the summer of 2016 to work in the tourist branch. Having my work permit and my German study degree, I have already found a job at a big international company and I can’t wait for my new life to begin in the Sunshine State. TAD has helped me through the whole process of the application and I can highly recommend this agency. The support of TAD doesn’t end with the notice of winning in May, TAD supports you until you finally hold your GreenCard in your hands. Thank you very much!

Family R., Green Card Winner from Heilbronn, Germany

Dear “Dream”-Team!!! We would like to say thank very much again. Every time we needed help you were there to advise us, competent and friendly. Also, big thank you for the helpful and precise documents which have also been a great support. We will soon fly out towards the Atlantic coast of Florida, and hopefully we will become “snow birds” in some years. Let’s do this.