Green Card patience pays off

Siegmund F. and his family participated 10 times at the Green Card Lottery until he could finally hold the winning notification in his hands! Siegmund F., Gabi C. and their two children Jana and Daniel almost reached their goal now.

In his Green Card review Siegmund F. told us how he and his family handled the application process and how they will proceed the next steps.

green card

Green Card Lottery Registration 

Why did you join the Green Card Lottery?

I've always had a special connection to the US and I have been dreaming of an independent life with less bureaucracy ever since I was little.

I also love the attitude of Americans, the language and simply the thought of what opportunities are now offered to me and my family.

In 2007 we came across The American Dream and took our chance right away to sign up. The first registration was very easy and it made us feel that we are in good hands, so we decided to continue to register for the Green Card Lottery with The American Dream.

In May 2017, our patience paid off and we finally received the winning notification. We were totally surprised and curious about what to expect next.

Siegmund und Gabi

Green Card Application 

How did you Experience the Green Card application process?

It was definitely the right decision for us to use the premium service of The American Dream as our personal consultant was a huge and pleasant help throughout the whole process. She supported us in filling out the DS-260 form and in compiling all the documents for the interview which we chose to have in Naples.

If you are prepared, there is no reason to be worried. We did not have any problems at our appointment with the contract doctor either. I would recommend the service of The American Dream at any time.

How did your activation trip look like?

In the course of our activation trip we went to a Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp with Judas Priest in Hollywood – that was just wild! However, the authorities made a mistake with the biometrics of the fingerprints, so we had to go to the relevant offices in New York two more times. You don’t have to expect these kind of mistakes in general. Unfortunately, in our case it was different.

The additional entries were easy for us as we have a passive income through our profession (recommendation marketing) which is very helpful in this regard.

In Los Angeles and New York the staff was very friendly and easygoing.

Hollywood USA

Immigration to America

What remains to be done before the final emigration to the USA?

We currently still have some things running in Europe and will be in the USA and in Europe at the same time in the beginning. However, the next steps is the opening of a company and a bank account etc. In addition, we will expand our team in the USA. Our chances are very high as there are a lot of people who would like to have an additional passive income. On top. there is a huge market in the areas of anti- Aging, body shaping and wellness.

Where are you planning to settle down in the US?

We are planning to build our headquarters in South Dakota. However, due to our additional activities, we are also going to be in New York, Chicago and Florida a lot. Most of the time we will probably be on the road with the camper though.

At the moment, we live in Italy most of the time but we are also in South Dakota and Florida a lot.

reise in die usa

What do you recommend to future Green Card winners?

Never give up! Learn to be openminded and outgoing with others from the Americans. Besides, I also recommend to have an extra income what is making things a lot easier.

We are now looking forward to starting to a new life, hoping for a successful growth of our business and finding new friends.