Green Card Winner Testimonials

More than 19.000 winners are the living proof that it is possible to make your dream of living and working in the USA a reality. Read more about our winners who won a Green Card with us.

Voices of our Green Card winners:

Picture of an excited Green Card winner
All good things come in threes! Thank you very much TAD for your support!
Kathrin L. - GreenCard winner from Hannover, Germany
Picture of a Green Card winner and a Florida license plate
Do not dream about life, live your dreams. After 7 years, my dream has finally come true and even today I still cannot believe it. In 2017, I will be saying goodbye to Germany and hello to the Sunshine State Florida. With the professional help from the TAD team, I felt I was in good hands. You’re the best. I think the realization that I have reached my destination will really set in after I book my one-way ticket and the flight. With this in mind…. in Hamburg one says bye …
Nico M. - Green Card winner from Hamburg, Germany
Picture of a Green Card winner and a Florida license plate
Picture of a smiling Green Card winner
After 7 years, my winner notification was completely unexpected. With the Green Card, my long-desired dream has been fulfilled and I have also, thanks to the Winners' Forum, met wonderful people who I am now going to Florida with. Thank you TAD for your great support!
Samantha S. - Green Card winner from Rodgau; Germany
Picture of a man and women who won a Green Card
After uncountable tries we finally made it and can't even express how happy we are. Many thanks to THE AMERICAM DREAM-Team for your great support on our way to our Green Cards!
Michelle and Michael G. - Green Card winners from Rinteln, Germany
Picture of a man and women who won a Green Card
Picture of a Green Card winner with an American scarf
With the 4th try, my American Dream has finally become true with help of THE AMERICAN DREAM Team. I will move to Fort Lauderdale, South Florida in the summer of 2016 to work in the tourist branch. Having my work permit and my German study degree, I have already found a job at a big international company and I can’t wait for my new life to begin in the Sunshine State. TAD has helped me through the whole process of the application and I can highly recommend this agency. The support of TAD doesn’t end with the notice of winning in May, TAD supports you until you finally hold your GreenCard in your hands. Thank you very much!
Lilian R. - Green Card winner from Hamburg, Germany
Picture of Green Card winners holding an American flag
Dear “Dream”-Team!!! We would like to say thank very much again. Every time we needed help you were there to advise us, competent and friendly. Also, big thank you for the helpful and precise documents which have also been a great support. We will soon fly out towards the Atlantic coast of Florida, and hopefully we will become “snow birds” in some years. Let’s do this.
Family R. - Green Card winner from Heilbronn, Germany
Picture of Green Card winners holding an American flag
Picture of a happy man who won a Green Card
I have always been dreaming about a life in the United States. With a little bit of luck and The American Dream’s support, this dream is now finally coming true right at the second try and me and my wife can move to America. Thanks so much to The American Dream-team for the great support, the winner’s forum and the website provide a large amount of helpful information! I wish all Green Card lottery participants much Green Card luck! All the best and thank you so much again!
Sascha K. - Green Card winner from Wuppertal, Germany
Alyssa D.-G.
I won the GreenCard right at the very first try and can finally make my dream come true to study in America. After my first stay in the U.S. with 17 for a high school year, I already knew: I want to move to the United States and spend the rest of my life there! Now, only three years later, I am so happy to hold my GreenCard in my hands and excited to plan my studies in the United States. Thanks so much to The American Dream-Team for all your great support and help!
Alyssa D.-G. - Green Card winner from Kronberg, Germany
Alyssa D.-G.
Familie K.
After many years, we finally won our Green Cards and will soon move to Florida. Thanks to The American Dream team for the great support.
Family K. - Green Card winner from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Daniel K.
Finally, after the sixth try! Thank you TAD for the years of great support! Soon, I will make my way to Colorado.
Daniel K. - Green Card winner from Cologne, Germany
Daniel K.
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