Green Card Application Deadline

26 Sep 2017 The American Dream

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Green Card Lottery Applications end soon!

GreenCard DV-19: Final push before registration ends on October 22th

It’s that time of year again as summer draws to a close and the countdown for registering for the Green Card Lottery DV-19 begins! The Green Card gives you the chance to make your dreams of living in the USA come true and experience the “American Way of Life” in all its varying aspects.

Over 19,000 winners can proudly display their United States Permanent Resident Card, thanks to The American Dream. Maybe you will be among the lucky winners and, with or without Trump, make America your America! We took a survey and for 70% of American fans, their love for the United States of America as well as the country’s 200-year history of democracy, have not been easily shaken by the highly controversial President Trump.

You only have the chance to win a Green Card once a year, so what are you waiting for?


Of course, we know that emigrating or living in a foreign country is not always easy. The most complicated hurdle is applying for the lottery, but help from The American Dream makes it quick and easy. Simply apply for the Green Card Lottery DV-19 over our website and start enjoying the benefits of our year-long experience and expertise. If you are among the Green Card winners, The American Dream will support you every step of the way!

Make sure to fill out the online application form from The American Dream before October 22, 2017 so that we can ensure that our qualified Green Card consultants have the time to carefully review your application for accuracy and submit it to the U.S. authorities on time. By complying with this deadline, we guarantee your participation in this year’s official United States Diversity Visa Lottery as well as the best prospects for winning a Green Card.  

Did you already apply quite some time ago? We are keeping our fingers crossed! Enjoy the calm before the storm that will be blowing in early next year when the new Green Card winners are announced!