For Our Private Customers

U.S. visa counseling and application for private customers

For more than ten years THE AMERICAN DREAM has been your specialist for the processing of U.S. visa applications for customers from all over Europe. The U.S. immigration rules and regulations open the possibility to get to know the United States. There are more than 30 different visa categories under which the USA issues visas from the Visa Waiver Program to work visas. It is vital that you plan your trip to the USA in advance and make sure you get the proper visa what you plan to do in the USA.

According to the statistics released from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in 2015, an average of 367 people are refused entry to US at the airports each day. The majority of those turned away at the border do not have sufficient documents or have the wrong type of visa. Take advantage of the years of experience and knowledge our team at The American Dream have and let us assist you in getting the correct US-visa.

Our team provides comprehensive and competent service to make sure you get your visa to enter the United States. The American Dream will assist you through the entire visa application process from choosing the correct visa to the appointment in consulate.

Is your current company sending you to live and work in the USA and you want your family to accompany you? Do you have a definite job offer from an American company? Are you planning to emigrate to the USA? Is your fiancé or spouse a US legal resident or citizen? Have you considered studying or volunteering abroad? Contact us for all your US-visa services and needs!